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Gone Cyclin - a challenge

So Henry, Dick, Rob, Dave, Kylie and Bunchhuon all did the cycle of 150km from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap on 23-24 June. From my perspective (Kylie) it was really freakin hard. I was probably the least fit though, and the most unprepared - the others had done a little bit of training at least.

The countryside that we rode through was beautiful, and a highlight had to be the kids that lined the streets to say ‘helllloooooooooo’ as we rode past. Apparently its a pretty common cycling route so they wanted high fives, and everything. For those more confident cyclists, that was a breeze, however I was more concerned about keeping my bike moving forward and not falling off, so my hands stayed firmly on the handlebars.

It was also funny when our tour guide told us not to high five them because apparently sometimes they like to pull you off the bike :p

We cycled through mud, over rocks, through puddles, on roads (that was my favourite) - on most terrains actually. A wonderful wonderful experience. But so tiring.

Check out the Gone Cyclin page on Facebook for photos :)

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Argh here comes the wet season!

Some frustration this week, as the rain starts bucketing down, and our power starts going out more and more often. I’ve heard many ‘theories’ about why this occurs - the most likely being that the Cambodian government turns it off when it sees a storm coming to make sure nothing is short-circuited or destroyed or whatever it is that electricity can do (I never pretended to be a technical or physics expert :p) Other theories I’ve heard include that the Thais turn it off. But that they only turn it off on locals, which explains why most of the city centre, where Pub St is, usually still has power :)

PS I dont know if you can actually see the rain in the photo, but that’s what I took it off specifically. Its crazy how hard it comes down here. I’ve taken audio of it from my bedroom on my iphone, usually its so loud that its hard to sleep!

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